Entrepreneurship and reforestation for sustainable development in Madagascar

Entrepreneurship and reforestation for sustainable development in Madagascar

Biodiversity is particularly high in Madagascar. Around 5 percent of all animal and plant species worldwide are at home here. Many species can only be found here and are therefore particularly worthy of protection. The poverty-stricken population depends heavily on natural resources and use firewood to cook. However, the demand for it is so great that the capacity of the natural forests is not enough, and it also happens that forests are cut down in protected areas. The forests are shrinking day by day. Together with the government, communities and municipalities, other organizations, companies and especially the population, this trend should be stopped.

To preserve the forests in the long term, WWF is addressing two issues in this project:  Energy-efficient cooking stoves reduce the need for firewood and charcoal, and the extraction of wood is steered into regulated channels. Thanks to reforestation and regulated use in a controlled value chain, the forests are preserved in the long term – as a resource for the population and as a habitat for the unique flora and fauna with countless endemic species. The focus of our work is on Malagasy women. They take over the production and distribution of cooking stoves and organize themselves in savings groups, in order to save their own assets and as an access to credits.

Role of EGS
Financial support of the project

To protect the unique forests of southwestern Madagascar from deforestation for firewood, while ensuring sustainable access to renewable cooking energy for the population and supporting them in socioeconomic development.

September 2020 – August 2023 (3 years)

Amount of funding
CHF 200’000