Be aware in your body

EuKiKoWa – holistic body awareness training for children, adults, families, schools and institutions

EuKiKoWa considers the ability to focus attention on oneself to be the essence of a happy, easy and self-determined life. This succeeds if one can observe the physical body, the feelings, the thoughts and their interactions neutrally. The result is self-confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem. “Being aware in the body” has been something that can be learned and experienced in courses, holiday camps, seminars and training courses since 2003.

Role of the EGS
Als Partner der EuKiKoWa ermöglichen wir einkommensschwachen Familien die Nutzung dieses Programms.

Förderung des Programms der EuKiKoWa.

3 Years (2020-2022)

EUR 15’000