Beekeeping and Mangrove Protection in Zanzibar

Beekeeping and Mangrove Protection in Zanzibar - Intelligent preservation of a fragile ecosystem

The majority of the rural population in Zanzibar depends on agriculture and fishing. Unfortunately, their income is not sufficient; more than half of the population lives below the poverty line. In the absence of alternative income opportunities, the project links the establishment of modern beekeeping as an additional source of income to multifunctional trees, i.e. their use as an alternative to endangered mangroves. The trees provide a source of food for the bees as well as cattle, supply firewood, and improve soil quality.

Role of EGS
Partial financing of the Biovision project for income diversification and ecosystem protection in Zanzibar.

Protection of coastal areas (mangrove forests) in Zanzibar and improved income of smallholder families through modern beekeeping and the promotion of multifunctional tree management.

2020 to 2022 (3 years)

Amount of funding
CHF 200’000