The Non-Profit Impact Investment Fund improves the lives of thirteen people for every dollar invested

Beyond Capital is an impact investment fund that invests in seed-stage, for-profit social enterprises serving impoverished communities throughout India and East Africa.

Investments are made in for-profit social enterprises that focus on improving access to health care, water, sanitation, energy, food security and financial inclusion. For long-term success, partners also receive management consulting, pro bono resources and mentoring. This approach empowers people at the bottom of the pyramid to improve their lives through their own efforts and to advance their society.

Role of the EGS
Support of the Bottom of Pyramid Evergreen Fund as well as co-investments. EGS maintains a long-term partnership with Beyond Capital Fund, is involved on the board of directors and is therefore active in the field of philanthropic investments.

Creating opportunities for start-ups in the field of sustainability and social responsibility in India and East Africa to improve their living conditions through their own efforts (poverty reduction, gender equality, health care)

Open (since 2015)

CHF 100’000 per year as well as co-investments