Holistic care for children with special needs

Holistic care for children with special needs or at risk of developing a disability, and counselling for families in poverty-stroken neighbourhoods of the city of Cartagena de Indias.

When disability and poverty come together, a particularly hopeless situation seems to arise. To counteract this, we offer the Aluna Móvil project in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia), which provides curative education through home visits for families living in extreme poverty with a disabled child or a child at risk of developing a disability.
Thus, the primary goal of Aluna Móvil is to promote a loving and emotional relationship between the mother (or parents) and the child. This not only reduces the risks of rejection, abuse or neglect, but also decisively strengthens and improves the child’s quality of life and his or her fundamental rights.
An Aluna Móvil team consists of two early childhood educators and a social worker, and, where necessary, our interdisciplinary team provides further support. With an Aluna Móvil team, about 100 to 120 children between 0 and 7 years old and their families from a neighbourhood characterized by severe poverty are taken care of, supported and advised approximately two hours per week.

Role of EGS
Co-funding of the Aluna Móvil project

In addition to significantly promoting children’s overall development, independence and health, the Aluna Móvil project also strengthens the parent-child relationship, reduces risks of rejection or neglect and supports the child’s transition into the local health and school system.

2021-2023 (3 years)

Amount of funding
CHF 150’000