The Eckenstein-Geigy Stiftung is committed to social development, research and people with special needs.

We strive to help people to live self-determined, independent and dignified lives. The sustainability of the supported projects for future generations is essential to us. As a modern foundation and responsible family, we are open to new and innovative forms of philanthropy.

Foundation Board

Gabriel Eckenstein
President of the Board of Trustees

Corinne Eckenstein
Member of the Board of Trustees

Dominik Eckenstein
Member of the Board of Trustees

Matthias and Jeannine Eckenstein-Geigy were passionate philanthropists during their lifetime. In their hometown of Basel they were involved, amongst other projects, in the construction of the new monkey house of the Basel Zoo. The Eckenstein-Geigy Stiftung was established in 2007 by Matthias Eckenstein and his three children. The foundation is non-religious and politically neutral. It is registered in Basel.

Philanthropic involvement is deeply rooted in the family tradition.

Jeannine & Matthias Eckenstein-Geigy

We want to empower individuals and organisations to aid in a better life for all, according to their abilities - now and for future generations.

We are committed to ensuring that people with special needs can develop their full potential and are respected by society as equals. We believe in an inclusive society in which all people – with and without special needs – can lead a self-determined, fulfilled life and contribute their abilities.

We strive to ensure that all people have access to healthcare and that all children also receive the best medical care possible. Functioning health systems contribute to greater prosperity and quality of life all over the world. In addition, age-appropriate medication-dosing and the optimisation of medication significantly improve healthcare for children.

We are dedicated to ensuring that young people can build and shape their future in a self-determined way. We believe that personal responsibility and prudent use of natural resources will make the world. more livable for future generations. We believe that art and culture are important sources of inspiration.

Targeted funding and mindful investing: In collaboration with our partners, we aim to give the impetus to achieve concrete results from which future generations will benefit from.

Systematic funding - careful investing: In collaboration with our partners, we aim to give impulses and achieve concrete results from which future generations will benefit from.

As a small team, we maintain close relationships with our funding partners, always with the aim of generating synergies and further increasing the impact of our funded projects.

We strive to make a significant difference. This is why we maintain our connections to projects over a longer period of time, and also facilitate cooperation between our various projects where appropriate.

We regret that we are unable to process unsolicited applications or project proposals.

Please contact us for any further information.